Who am I?

On the outside I’m just like anyone else. I had a great childhood, I graduated from school, I have many amazing people around me, I’ve tried out classic workplaces like industry, sale & preschool. But I’ve always had this inner stress, like i’m missing out of something. I have so much creativity inside of me that kind of steal my energy when I don’t got the time and opportunity to get it out in a way that satisfy me.

I am that constantly restless soul. I see my life as an adventure and I’m always searching for that total satisfaction.

And that’s one of the reasons which make me perfect for what I am doing.


I love to be creative with music and I always put my soul into my mixes. I can struggle with a mix until I almost want to rip my hair off, just because I believe in that the next track will make the audience go wild. I’m touched every time I play, in one feeling or another.

Euphoric, blessed, successful, thrilled and all these things I feel before, during or after my gigs makes my restlessness go away. It’s a wonderful thing when a career and a passion comes together.


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