As a DJ you travel alot.

Me personally love to travel. That is one of the things you can associate to my restlessness. For some people it can be stressful to often be on the move, sleep in various beds, wake up on different places, not have free access to a big wardrobe. Basically just live in a backpack. For me – thats calming.

To spend to much time inside of the same four walls kills my inspiration. To be on the run, experience new things, meet new people, talk different languages. That’s happiness for me. And it makes me feel like i’m getting closer to, whatever it is that i’m searching for.


Some people are like ”Skalman” in Bamse, they eat on the same times every day. And I actually agree that maybe that’s good for you. You’re body needs fuel and if you wake up, go to work, get off work and go to bed approximately at the same times every day, it works out just fine to have these specific mealtimes. But when you’re on the run and sometimes don’t go to bed before 5 ‘o clock in the morning and wake up in the afternoon, then it’s hard to have some kind of structure on your meals. It works fine for me tho. I eat when I’m hungry and the best part is – Since it’s year 2017, it’s pretty easy to come across tasty, healthy food. And in my case – vegetarian. You don’t have to go to McDonalds. There are plenty of shops and cafes that today offers really yummy food.

But I try not to put to much energy on my food. The world is already all hyped about that. I believe in spending my energy on other, more interesting things.



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