Presenterar stolt nytt samarbete

Igår körde jag för första gången tillsammans med en nyfunnen vän och kollega. Johan Riedenlow, en fantastisk saxofonist! Jag rekommenderar STARKT honom eller oss båda i en duo om ni vill bjuda era gäster på en mer exklusiv och häftig upplevelse.

I proudly present a new cooperation

Yesterday I had my first gig with a new friend and also a new colleague, Johan Riedenlow, an amazing saxophonist. I strongly recommend him or us both in a duo if you want to give your guests an extraordinary experience.


Larkollen, Norge

At the time of writing, I’m in Norway at Støtvig hotel. Absolutely one of the most gorgeous places I’ve even been to and the weather is on top. In the middle of the days I play at a lounge terrace and in the evenings/nights at a pub. Melwin did come with me this time and on the days he’s actually with me on my gigs. He’s such a good boy, laying in the shadow behind me and chilling thru it all. As soon as I’m off work we go to the beach and the nature here is amazing. Unfortunately, I’m not a very great photographer, but here comes some pics.


Tour van

I often get questions about my car.

Where do you get one of these? What does it cost? Is it hard to drive? How old is it? Do you actually sleep in it sometimes? The questions are many and I thought, why not answer some of them and get you a little sneakpeak of my second home.


I’ve wanted a hippie van for as long as I can remember. And a couple of years ago I actually started to think about it serious. It would definitely fit my life perfect to have a van like this. When I finish a late wedding gig in the middle of nowhere or when I’m far away, playing at clubs in other citys, it would be perfect to just have a little ”home” with me to just cook some noodles, sleep and catch up some energy before I hit the road back home. So I started to look for hippie vans at and found one that I really liked. I went to Stockholm to look for it and I was sold. My first van had a soft pop-up roof. You slept upstairs and downstairs you could turn the seats around and have like a dining area. And also there was a kitchen with a fridge, zink and a stove. It was really cosy..



But there was to many flaws, both on the inside and outside of the van, so when the winter came I sold it and decided to keep on looking for the PERFECT van. And a couple of months ago I found it, on the same place as the first van, I was the first one to get it touch with the seller and he told me that if I wanted it I kinda had to hurry up to get it. So I did. The next day I was on the train to Borlänge with my best friend/partner in crime. And we spend approximately 18 hours traveling that day. But it was so worth it! I’m totally in love with this van.



This van is actually kinda easy to drive. As long as you get used to it’s size. It has a hardtop roof so you never have to struggle with folding the ceiling up and down. You can make the bed downstairs as well as upstairs. So actually 4 people can travel and sleep in this one. There is a super fresh kitchen with 2 stoves, zink and a new fancy fridge. There is a small closet, plenty of storage to both my music equipment but also food, clothes, bags, sunbeds or whatever you want to bring on your trip. There is also a small toilet if you ever need it ha ha. I have not used that one yet tho. I prefer a real one or the forrest.

I’ve slept in it 6-7 times now and I actually have better nights sleep in the van than at home in my bed. My dog is with me as often as possible and he absolutely loves it to! My favorite part of it all is that you can choose whatever view you want, to wake up to. This is so far, one of my favorite views this summer, after a gig in Göteborg.


As a DJ you travel a lot.

Me personally love to travel. That is one of the things you can associate to my restlessness. For some people it can be stressful to often be on the move, sleep in various beds, wake up on different places, not have free access to a big wardrobe. Basically just live in a backpack. For me – thats calming.

To spend to much time inside of the same four walls kills my inspiration. To be on the run, experience new things, meet new people, talk different languages. That’s happiness for me. And it makes me feel like i’m getting closer to, whatever it is that i’m searching for.



Some people are like ”Skalman” in Bamse, they eat on the same times every day. And I actually agree that maybe that’s good for you. You’re body needs fuel and if you wake up, go to work, get off work and go to bed approximately at the same times every day, it works out just fine to have these specific mealtimes. But when you’re on the run and sometimes don’t go to bed before 5 ‘o clock in the morning and wake up in the afternoon, then it’s hard to have some kind of structure on your meals. It works fine for me tho. I eat when I’m hungry and the best part is – Since it’s year 2017, it’s pretty easy to come across tasty, healthy food.  You don’t have to go to McDonalds. There are plenty of shops and cafes that today offers really yummy , fresh and healthy food.


Who am I?

On the outside I’m just like anyone else. I had a great childhood, I graduated from school, I have many amazing people around me, I’ve tried out classic workplaces like industry, sale & preschool. But I’ve always had this inner stress, like i’m missing out of something. I have so much creativity inside of me that kind of steal my energy when I don’t get the time and opportunity to get it out in a way that satisfy me.

I am that constantly restless soul. I see my life as an adventure and I’m always searching for that total satisfaction.

And that’s one of the reasons which make me perfect for what I am doing.


I love to be creative with music and I always put my soul into my mixes. I can struggle with a mix until I almost want to rip my hair off, just because I believe in that the next track will make the audience go wild. I’m moved every time I play, in one feeling or another.

Euphoric, blessed, successful, thrilled and all these things I feel before, during or after my gigs makes my restlessness go away. It’s a wonderful thing when a career and a passion comes together.


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